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Review: Adam & Evie by Marisa Concetta

Adam & Evie

by Marisa Concetta

318 pages
Genre: YA
3.5 / 5

My Review:

Adam and Evie are proof that everything is a matter of perspective. You view what happens through your lens, and rarely do you ever take the time to try and see it through someone else’s.

You may not always agree with Evie and Adam, and you may not always like what they do, but Marisa Concetta makes sure that you care deeply about them. I loved how Adam, a star athlete, sometimes sort of passively lets others call the game for him (so to speak), yet he knows when it is necessary for him to stand up for himself. Evie, meanwhile, occasionally appears to be the tougher of the two (perhaps because of her singing stardom), but in many ways, she is the more fragile. She loved Adam, and before she left their hometown for Hollywood, she had to watch him (appear to) choose her former best friend.

Concetta understands her audience, and she writes a sweet, angsty story of love and friendship. The lesson – to realize that your version of the story is not the only version – is particularly important for today’s teens given the way social media skewers just about everything. Find out the facts before you decide to judge, Concetta says.

Teens will love this book. Its occasional predictability doesn’t feel intrusive or distracting, and its occasional lapses in pacing don’t feel too bothersome. I just loved Adam. Not all the time – he is a teen boy, after all, so he does the occasional dumb thing, even if he does it for the right reasons. And I liked that Evie, who in many ways is living every teen girl’s dream, is still relatable.


What could happen when the nerd of Roosevelt High becomes Hollywood’s next superstar? Answer: Anything.

Before she became Evie Chase, Hollywood’s Golden Girl, Evie was a nobody at the bottom of the high school food chain with only a handful of friends. Her best friend – Adam Fields – was a popular jock who always had her back. Until one day, he stopped, and they never spoke again. Fast forward three years, and everything has changed. Evie is out in LA living the dream as a seventeen year old popstar, Adam’s at home finishing off high school, and they are both trying their best to forget the past. They are living separate lives and everything is running smoothly. Until…Evie’s back.

To avoid paparazzi, the young starlet returns to school in disguise. As the teenagers get to know each other again, Adam unaware that the new girl is his former best friend, they are both left wondering – did the past actually happen the way they remember it? And could their revived friendship turn out to be something more?

About the Author:

Marisa Concetta is a Massachusetts native and graduated from Merrimack College with her Bachelor’s of Science in Biology. Besides continuing to write YA novels, she has goals to become a physician. She began writing her debut novel Adam and Evie when she was only fifteen, and since then, the novel has gained nearly five million readers on both Wattpad and Inkitt where she has nearly nine thousand followers. When Marisa isn’t writing—or studying—she enjoys binge watching shows on Netflix, watching baseball (particularly the Red Sox), running, traveling, and really, anything involving Disney or Disney World. You can follow her on: Wattpad (@xWinterFallzx3), Twitter (@marisaconcetta), Instagram (@marisawrites), or her Facebook page (Marisa Concetta).

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Review copy provided from the publisher in exchange for an unbiased review.